Groups & Corporate Outings

Rock Climbing is the perfect activity for a team building event. Climbing is not only great fun,  it is also a great way to develop trustcommunicationcooperationgoal setting and problem solving. Whether your a corporation, dentist or doctors office, or small business, using the time honored techniques of climbing can teach your crew to be a unit. Join our team today to glean a new experience together. Really, if your not in to the whole Team Building thing climbing is the perfect way to get a team building experience without ever having to mention the term.  Rock climbing is so intertwined in the team experience it will just happen organically. If you have any questions please Contact Us anytime.

Our all day group price is $75 per individual (min 7) and requires a $200 deposit.


Our schedule is your schedule.  Book your group on your requested day and we will do our best to be available.  Book early to guarantee the day you want.


General Information

Gear Included: Helmets, Climbing Shoes, Harnesses, Ropes

Deposit required to confirm class. 48 hour cancellation notice required for refund of deposit Minus a $20 service fee. Rainouts will be called by Rock-About guides the day of the class.  If class is canceled, fees will be refunded or held for a rain check. You can form your own course or join a course on our registration page and calendar.