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Climbing and COVID-19

It has been quite a storm that has ripped through our world.  We hope that you and your families have weathered it well.  As a guide service, we are aware of the risk-reward balance and we keep a keen focus on mitigating risk and prioritizing safety.  During any climbing day, we will work together as a team to manage risk, but we cannot totally eliminate it.  This holds true regarding climbing and COVID-19.  And, beyond the safety of our climbing team, we endeavor to preserve the health of the communities within which our climbing occurs.

We will continue to go by the CDC recommendations. At this time we feel like folks who want the vaccine have had opportunity to get it. Tests have also shown that outdoor spread is very unlikely. With these things in mind we won’t be requiring masks while climbing. Unvaccinated Staff are still required to wear masks while working. Also, the camp kids are required to wear masks while in transport.

We still care deeply about your safety and will make changes to the Covid policy when things change.

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