Traditional Climbing Course

Climber (1 Individual)
Climber (Group of 2)
Climber (Group of 3 or more)

We'll teach you techniques and skills you need to place gear for leading and building anchors.

Trad Climbing, short for traditional, is the purest form of protecting yourself as you climb. We teach American Mountain Guides Association techniques to give you the skills to place removable gear for leading and building anchors. This is a more advanced climbing course. As Rick Watson once said, “we will give you the necessary tools for your toolbox to be confident in choosing the right tool for the right situation.”

Learn these techniques at Enchanted Rock, but use them at any Trad area anywhere in the world. Trad climbing should be taught by someone who is trained, in our opinion. Yes, you can learn from your buddy, but you’ll be guaranteed to go through some growing pains. Don’t learn like we did and get taught the proper way. We advise taking a two-day course and focus on crack climbing skills on the second day.

We offer this Trad climbing course at Enchanted RockReimer’s Ranch, and the Austin Barton Creek Greenbelt. Courses are offered every day at 8:15 a.m.

Gear Included in Your Traditional Climbing Course: Helmets, climbing shoes, harnesses, and ropes

Payment required to confirm class. 72-hour cancellation notice required for refund of deposit minus a $20 service fee. Rainouts will be called by Rock-About guides the day of the class. If class is canceled, fees will be refunded or held for a rain check