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Youth Group Options

At Rock-About Climbing Adventures, we are firm believers that there’s no reason to wait until adulthood to begin your climbing journey. In fact, we believe that rock climbing can help kids grow as people by learning to work well with others in addition to the growth that comes from spending time outdoors and learning new skills. That’s why we offer training options for kids in scout groups and in summer camp.

Youth Group Options

From $85

When your scout or nonprofit group is ready to learn how to climb in a fun and safe environment, Rock-About Climbing Adventures is here to help! We’ve been teaching scout and nonprofit groups for more than twenty years, and we love helping kids discover the adventure that is rock climbing.

When you book a group session with Rock-About, we provide all of the gear necessary, so all you need to bring is lunch and drinks. Most group climbing programs take all day, so wear comfortable clothes and be prepared for a full day of climbing!

If you’re leading a scout group that is seeking a Merit badge, we can help with that as well. For merit badge groups, we have at least one merit badge counselor on-site during the class. With our skilled, certified instructors and years of experience teaching scouts, we are proud to be the most sought-after climbing instructors for Boy and Girl Scouts in Texas.

From $449

In addition to scout groups, we also offer a kids climbing camp in the summer, as well as during spring break! Designed for kids ages 9 and up, these camps require no experience, though they can also provide a challenge to more experienced climbers.

Each week of camp includes 5 days of climbing, as well as swimming on most days in the afternoon. All gear is included, and the kids are instructed in safety before any climbing happens. Book your kid’s summer climbing camp experience online or give us a call to learn more.