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Beginner Climbing Clinic


Join us for a scheduled Group Beginner Climbing Clinic!

This is a scheduled Group Beginner Climbing Clinic. Please see below for the schedule and location of these clinics. If you are wishing to go on a date that isn’t on this schedule go to beginner climbing to schedule a private course.

An introduction to climbing for anyone emphasizing safety skills, basic climbing technique, teamwork, trust, communication, and having a great time in a beautiful setting at Enchanted Rock, Mineral Wells, Reimers Ranch or the Austin Greenbelt. All Gear is included as well as beginner instruction. Also, this can be for more experienced climbers looking for a day of top rope climbing.

The Details:

  • Learn basic top rope safety; tie figure 8 knot, belay, communicate, and climbing technique
  • Average Course 5-6 hours for The Greenbelt, Reimers, and Mineral Wells, 6 or more for Enchanted Rock, These are averages, you can go longer or shorter depending on your group
  • Meeting information and checklist of needs for the day sent upon confirmation
  • No park reservation needed for Enchanted Rock 
  • No minimum age, however be sure younger kids are ready for dealing with fears associated with height
  • Climbing gear included, no gear rental fees


This class takes place at one of the following locations. (location is on the schedule)

You will receive a confirmation email after you book your reservation with the directions to the location as well as important information.

Our goal with clinics is to be able to offer the same experience as the courses but with a group. There are multiple advantages to that. being able to offer the group price, Merge people together to meet new friends, and build community.

Clinic requires 3 or more participants to make.

Clinics are scheduled on specific dates. Below are the dates for the Beginner Clinics.

August 20 – Reimers Ranch,

August 26 – Lake Mineral Wells

Sept 2 – Enchanted Rock

Sept 3 – Austin Greenbelt

Sept 9 – Reimers Ranch

Sept 16 – Mineral Wells

Sept 24 – Enchanted Rock

Sept 30 – Austin Greenbelt

Oct 7 – Reimers Ranch

Oct 15 – Mineral Wells

Oct 21 – Enchanted Rock

Oct 28 – Austin Greenbelt