Enchanted Rock Climbing
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1. From Beginner to Pro, Year Round Courses

Our classes are designed for those seeking high adventure! We’ll show you how to rock climb the summit with less risk and teach you skills that enable you to meet all future challenges with confidence.  Rock Climbing tours build trust between individuals to become cohesive teams as they...

2. Reducing Risks

Climbing is inherently a dangerous sport.  No tour or any real attraction can possibly be interesting without a certain amount of risk, right.  Our charge as professionally trained guides is to reduce the risk of those dangers by learning and living the American Mountain Guides Association...

3. Enchanted Rock Climbing Courses

Rock-About, educates all of their clients on Enchanted Rock’s physical and cultural geography, the negative ecological impacts humans have on the park, and the Leave No Trace ethics we can all follow to help conserve the park’s natural resources.  Rock climbing at Erock began and has...

4. Rock-About Texas

Rock-About loves its roots as a Texas climbing company.  Since it’s beginning in 2001 we have striven to show people why we have so much to offer climbing in Texas.  Enchanted Rock being the all star of Texas traditional climbing is where we have taught thousands of people to climb on its...

5. Private Guiding

A class specifically tuned to your personal rock climbing goals. You determine the curriculum! Private guiding and private instruction offer an opportunity to quickly expand your skills and maximize your climbing time. These Austin rock climbing area tours can hone your rock leading skills or give...

Ready to Rock?
Select the course you are interested in below:
101: Basic Climbing Skills
An introduction to climbing for anyone emphasizing safety skills, basic climbing technique, teamwork, trust, communication, and having a great time in a beautiful setting at Enchanted Rock Climbing, Reimer's Ranch or the Austin Greenbelt.
$100 Per Person (3-6 people)
Boy & Girl Scout Troops
Whether seeking merit badges or teaching teamwork, we offer special courses designed for Boy and Girl Scout Troops at special group rates. your next Boy or Girl Scout troop adventure with Rock About!
$75 Per Person (7+ people)
Groups & Corporate Outings
Climbing is not only great fun, it is also a great way to develop trust, communication, cooperation, goal setting and problem solving. Book your next group or team building event with Rock About!
$75 Per Person (7+ people)
Kids Camps
Our summer camps are a great way to get your kids outside and away from thier electronics. Rock climbing builds positive interactions with others as well as teaches teamwork. We also offer a Christmas vacation camp. Book your camp early, we have limited availability!
$400 Per Child
201: Climbing Technique
An intermediate course for those with some climbing experience. We focus on perfecting climbing techniques and how to use them successfully. We hold these courses at Enchanted Rock Climbing, Reimer's Ranch or the Austin Greenbelt.
$100 Per Person (3-6 people)
301: Lead Climbing
You too can learn to safely climb on lead using clipping bolts with one of our experienced lead guides. We hold these courses at Enchanted Rock Climbing, Reimer's Ranch or the Austin Greenbelt.
$100 Per Person (3-6 people)
401: Trad Climbing
Trad (Traditional) Climbing is the purest form of protecting yourself as you climb. We teach you the skills needed to select and utilize the right tools. We hold these courses at Enchanted Rock Climbing, Reimer's Ranch or the Austin Greenbelt.
$100 Per Person (3-6 people)

About Rock About

Rock About is the longest running rock climbing outfit basedout of the Central Texas area offering courses for beginners, experienced climbers, groups and Boy and Girl Scout troops. Click for more info about our courses or watch our video below to get a feel for what it’s like to Rock About!

Why Rock About?

I always have a great time. I suggest you request the 4 course package, rather then getting the classes individually. The value is unprecedented. Thank you so much for the opportunity to rock my climbing muscles!

Adbongo Inc

My Girl Scout troop experienced their first rock climbing adventure this weekend with your company. All of your guides were very knowledgeable and EXTREMELY patient. The girls had a wonderful time.

Hayle Kayzen

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