101: Basic Climbing Skills

An introduction to rock climbing for anyone who wants to experience a safe adventure in the vertical realm. In this class, we emphasize safety skills, basic climbing technique, teamwork, trust, communication, and having a great time in a beautiful setting. Most people will climb 6-8 climbs in this first session. So your not just learning the basics of safety your getting on the rock and giving it your all. This is a great idea for families, friends, partners, and, well, whoever to have a great time together and learn to trust and encourage each other. If you have any questions Contact Us anytime.

$99 per person 3-6 people
2 person private $149 per person
1 person private $225
Special Pricing for groups

Look at our Calendar for your next group climbing event. Or, we can have a private class for you any day of the week.

General Information

Gear Included: Helmets, Climbing Shoes, Harnesses, Ropes

Deposit required to confirm class. 48 hour cancellation notice required for refund of deposit Minus a $20 service fee. Rainouts will be called by Rock-About guides the day of the class.  If class is canceled, fees will be refunded or held for a rain check. You can form your own course or join a course on our registration page and calendar.